Polish Political Thinkers
  • Józef Mackiewicz 1902-1985
    Journalist, writer, publicist, anticommunist.

  • Stanisław Mackiewicz 1896-1966
    Conservative publicist, politician, and historical writer.

  • Szymon Majchrowicz 1717-1783

    Jesuit monk, critic of reform trends based on the ideas of the Enlightenment.

  • Wacław Makowski 1880-1942

    Professor of criminal law, a leading participant of the debates on the political system of the Second Polish Republic. 

  • Władysław Maliniak 1885-1941
    Lawyer and political publicist.

  • Maurycy Mann 1814-1876

    Publicist, and editor of the Czas daily.

  • Czesław Martyniak 1906-1939
    Philosopher of law, follower of Thomistic philosophy.

  • Marian Massonius 1862-1945
    Philosopher, pedagogue.

  • Ignacy Matuszewski 1891-1946
    Politician and publicist.

  • Tomasz Merta 1965-2010
    Political activist, civil servant, and Conservative publicist.

  • Adam Mickiewicz 1798-1855
    Polish poet, publicist, independence activist.

  • Bogusław Miedziński 1891-1972
    Politician associated with Józef Piłsudski’s camp.

  • Juliusz Mieroszewski 1906-1976
    Political publicist.

  • Józef Milewski 1859-1916
    Economist and political activist.

  • Zygmunt Miłkowski 1824-1915
    Pro-independence activist, ideologist and forerunner of Polish National-Democratic movement.

  • Feliks Młynarski 1884-1972
    Public activist, economist.

  • Maurycy Mochnacki 1803-1834

    Political thinker, activist, and publicist associated with Polish Democratic and patriotic currents.

  • Franciszek Morawski 1783-1861
    Soldier of the Napoleonic era, general of Congress Poland, and man of letters.

  • Marian Morawski 1845-1901

    Jesuit and philosopher, one of the most eminent Polish followers of Neo-Scholasticism.

  • Tadeusz Morski 1754-1825
    Political writer, advocate of political reforms towards the end of the so-called First Polish Republic, diplomat.

  • Jan Mosdorf 1904-1943
    National-Democratic activist and publicist. 

  • Andrzej Mycielski 1900-1993
    Professor of constitutional law.

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