Polish Political Thinkers
  • Leon Halban 1893-1960
    Lawyer and historian investigating, among others, the history of National Socialism.

  • Oskar Halecki 1891-1973
    Polish historian, an emigre activist.

  • Antoni Zygmunt Helcel 1808-1870
    Lawyer, historian, Conservative politician and publicist.

  • Stanisław Herburt-Heybowicz 1842-1900
    Historian, sociologist, liberal publicist.

  • Gustaw Herling-Grudziński 1919-2000
    Writer and publicist.

  • Adam Heydel 1893-1941

    Economist and political writer, representative of the so-called Cracow Economic School in interwar Poland, a critic of statism and advocate of liberal solutions.

  • August Hlond 1881-1948
    Catholic priest and Primate of Poland.

  • Tadeusz Hołówko 1889-1931
    Socialist, and pro-independence, activist.

  • Klaudiusz Hrabyk 1902-1989
    National-Democratic activist and political publicist. 

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