Polish Political Thinkers
  • Rafał Lemkin 1901-1959

    Doctor of Laws, and coiner of the term ‘genocide’, he was born in the village of Bezwodne in the Grodno Province into a Jewish family. 

  • Stanisław Leszczyński 1677-1766

    King of Poland as Stanislaus I in 1704-09 and 1733-36, father of Maria Leszczyńska, Queen of France. 

  • Karol Libelt 1807–1875

    Political and social activist, publicist, philosopher, one of the leading representatives of 19th-century Polish Messianism and Liberalism.

  • Bolesław Limanowski 1835-1935
    Sociologist, politician, and socialist thinker. 

  • Henryk Lisicki 1839-1899
    Conservative publicist, he was born into a landowning family in the Russian Partition.

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