Polish Political Thinkers
  • Jan Parandowski 1895-1978
    Prose writer, essayist, translator. 

  • Józef Pastuszka 1897-1989
    Catholic priest, philosopher, theologian.

  • Antoni Peretiatkowicz 1884-1956

    Lawyer, legal theoretician and philosopher and one of the most important participants of debates on the political system of the Second Polish Republic. 

  • Adam Piasecki 1898-1938
    Political columnist and civil servant.

  • Stanisław Piasecki 1900-1941
    Writer, journalist and activist from the nationalist camp.

  • Roman Pilat 1846-1906

    Historian of Polish medieval and romantic literature, professor and rector of the University of Lviv, member of the Academy of Learning in Krakow, considered to be the founder of the Lviv historical-and-literary school, teacher of Ludwik Bernacki, Wilhelm Brzuchnalski, Ludwik Finkil, Andrzej Gawroński, Bronisław Gubrynowicz, Wiktor Hahn and others. 

  • Erazm Piltz 1851–1929

    Journalist and political activist, advocate of compromise with tsarist Russia, and later member of the independence movement.

  • Józef Piłsudski 1867-1935

    Independence activist who contributed to the restoration of Polish statehood after the partitions, and became the political leader of the Second Polish Republic.

  • Jan Piwowarczyk 1889-1959
    Catholic priest and political journalist.

  • Paweł Popiel 1807-1892
    Political writer, journalist, and politician.

  • Jan Ludwik Popławski 1854-1908

    Journalist and political activist, one of the creators of the National Democracy camp.

  • Adam Pragier 1886-1976

    Socialist activist and one of the leading figures among Polish political emigrés after World War II.

  • Bolesław Prus 1847–1912

    Writer and journalist, initially a leading representative of positivism who then gradually turned towards realism.

  • Ksawery Pruszyński 1907-1950

    Writer and journalist who was associated with the conservative-liberal movement in the interwar period.

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