Polish Political Thinkers
  • Leszek Gembarzewski 1899-1944

    Civil servant during the Second Polish Republic, right-wing thinker and publicist, and monarchist.

  • Agaton Giller 1831-1887
    Pro-independence activist, and exile to Siberia.

  • Władysław Gizbert-Studnicki 1867-1953

    Conservative politician and publicist, author of famous works on, among others, international politics.

  • Zygmunt Golian 1824-1885

    Preacher, publicist, and one of the leading Polish ultramontanists.

  • Józef Gołuchowski 1797-1858
    Philosopher and conservative political thinker.

  • Łukasz Górnicki 1527-1603
    Priest, political writer, poet, librarian and humanist.

  • Ludwik Górski 1818-1908

    Publicist and social activist of the Conservative movement, and agronomist.

  • Wawrzyniec Goślicki 1530-1607
    Renaissance thinker and diplomat.

  • Walery Gostomski 1854-1915

    Literary critic and political publicist, he was born in Borucin, in Cuyavia (in the district of Nieszawa), in 1854.

  • Michał Grabowski 1804-1863

    Novelist, publicist, and literary critic, regarded – next to Maurycy Mochnacki - as one of the most eminent and influential authors writing in the spirit of Romanticism. 

  • Stanisław Grabski 1871-1949
    Economist, publicist, and National Democratic politician, professor of the Universities of Lviv, Kraków, and Warsaw.

  • Władysław Grabski 1874-1938

    Economist, publicist, and politician, one of the leading figures of the National Democratic movement.

  • Tadeusz Grużewski 1870-1938

    Publicist and political activist associated with the National Democracy

  • Konstanty Grzybowski 1901-1970
    Professor of law and conservative political thinker.

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