Polish Political Thinkers
  • Franciszek Radzewski ?-1748
    Political activist, columnist. 

  • Aleksander Rembowski 1847-1906
    Political scholar and historian. 

  • Marian E. Rojek 1905-1968

    Political activist and journalist associated with the National Democracy camp.

  • Tadeusz Romanowicz 1843-1904

    Politician and journalist, a leading representative of demoliberalism in Galicia.

  • Jan Kanty Rostworowski 1876-1963
    Jesuit, journalist and preacher.

  • Michał Rostworowski 1864-1940

    Lawyer, professor of the Jagiellonian University, judge of the Permanent Court of International Justice at The Hague.

  • Gustaw Roszkowski 1847-1915

    Philosopher and scholar of the law of nations. 

  • Roman Rybarski 1887-1942

    Economist and one of the leading ideologues of the National Democracy. 

  • Jan Rymarkiewicz 1811-1889
    Author of writings on, inter alia, national and Messianic themes.

  • Adam Wawrzyniec Rzewuski 1760-1825
    Republican political writer.

  • Henryk Rzewuski 1791-1866

    Writer and political journalist, a conservative who drew, among others, on the ideas of Joseph de Maistre.

  • Leon Rzewuski 1808-1869

    Political thinker who attempted to combine socialist thought with Christianity. 

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