Polish Political Thinkers
  • Ignacy Daszyński 1866-1936

    Politician, founder of the Socialist Party in the Austrian sector, one of the leaders of the Polish Socialist Party (Polska Partia Socjalistyczna, PPS) in inter-war Poland. 

  • Bronisław Dembiński 1858-1939
    Historian and politician. 

  • Henryk Dembiński 1900-1949

    Lawyer, social and political activist.

  • Roman Dmowski 1864-1939

    Leader and ideologue of the Polish nationalist movement, political writer and novelist.

  • Adam Doboszyński 1904-1949
    National activist. 

  • Jerzy Drobnik 1894-1973

    Politician and publicist associated with the National-Democratic camp in the Second Polish Republic.

  • Edward Dubanowicz 1881-1943
    Lawyer and politician, one of the architects of the March Constitution of Poland.

  • Julian Dunajewski 1822-1907
    Economist, Conservative politician and, for many years, head of the Austrian Ministry of the Treasury.

  • Piotr Dunin-Borkowski 1890-1949
    Political writer and Conservative politician.

  • Stanisław Dunin-Karwicki 1640-1724

    Political writer, and Sejm deputy from 1674; the cup-bearer, and from 1713 the chamberlain, of Sandomierz.

  • Maurycy Dzieduszycki 1813-1877
    Ultramontanist, and author of historical studies.

  • Wojciech Dzieduszycki 1848-1909
    Philosopher, politician, and Conservative thinker.

  • Mirosław Dzielski 1941-1989
    Philosopher, publicist, and politician, precursor of Christian liberalism.

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