Władysław Leopold Jaworski 1865-1930

Born April 5, 1865, Karsy in the Kielce province of the Kingdom of Poland, in an impoverished noble family. Having largely adopted the position of the legal normativist H. Kelsen, in 1898 Jaworski was nominated associate professor, and in 1905 professor of UJ; from 1910 professor of administrative studies. In 1895 joined the Civic Club (Klub Społeczny), grouping young conservatives (including S. Estreicher and A. Krzyżanowski); in 1900 he became political editor of Czas, next year a deputy to the Galicia Parliament, and in 1907 co-founder of the Party of National Right (Stronnictwo Prawicy Narodowej). With M. Bobrzyński and J. Milewski he wrote Z dziejów odrodzenia politycznego Galicji 1859-1873 [“The History of the Political Revival in Galicia 1859-1873”, 1911]. During the war he was vice-president, and in 1915 president of the Supreme National Committee (Naczelny Komitet Narodowy), supporting the idea of a re-emergence of the Polish state with the help of Austria-Hungary and Germany. President of the civil law branch of the Codification Commission (Komisja Kodyfikacyjna), editor of Czasopismo Prawnicze i Ekonomiczne, a staunch critic of the March Constitution, associated with the conservative Party of the National Right, he is regarded as the founder of “legal romanticism”, expounding the need for “hinging” the legal system on the “principles of Christ’s morality” transcending this system. It is thought that his Projekt konstytucji (“Draft Constitution”) considerably influenced the authors of the new Polish constitutional order instituted after the May coup of 1926. D. July 14, 1930, in an accident in Milanówek near Warsaw, buried in Cracow.


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