Teodor Jeske-Choiński 1854-1920

Born in Pleszewo (in Poznań Voivodship) on the 27th of February, 1854. As a journalist, he published, for instance, in the following magazines: Przegląd TygodniowyAteneumNiwa”, Kurier Warszawski, or Słowo; he was also an editor of the Lviv Kronika Powszechna”. His works include: Na schyłku wieku (1894), Dekadentyzm (1905), Trzeźwi (1885), Ostatni Rzymianie (1895), Błyskawice (1907), Jakobini (1909), Terror (1911), and Po czerwonym zwycięstwie (1910). He died in Warsaw on the 14th of April, 1920.


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