Karol Sienkiewicz 1793-1860

He was born on 20 January 1793 in Kalinówka and educated in Uman, Vinnytsia and Kremenets. Owing to the support received from Prince Adam Czartoryski, he studied Librarianship in Paris. He was a private secretary of Prince Czartoryski and managed the Czartoryski Library in Puławy. After the November Uprising, in which he took part, he emigrated to France where he co-founded the Hotel Lambert conservative political camp and the Polish Library in Paris; he edited the Kronika Emigracji Polskiej [“Chronicle of Polish Emigration”] and participated in the work of the Historical Department of the Historical and Literary Society. He published his works, inter alia, in the Skarbiec Historii Polskiej [“Treasury of Polish History”] magazine. He died on 6 February 1860 in Paris.


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