Konstancja Skirmuntt 1851-1934

She came from a landowning family with strong patriotic traditions, with her parents participating in the January Uprising, for which her mother was sent to the Crimea. After returning to Poland, her home became a centre of religious, national and religious activity. She was a representative of the “native” faction, a category in which she only included Lithuanians, Poles and Russians. She supported the Lithuanian national movement, at the same time combating Lithuanian nationalism. She promoted the idea of unifying all of the nations of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in order to protect its civilization and faith in the east. She died in Pinsk in 1934. She used the pseudonyms Futurus, Helena-Pojata and Pojata. Her major works include: The Early Days of the Lithuanian Tribe (1892, 2nd edition: Along the Niemen and the Baltic at the Beginning of Time, 1897), Podania. Pre-Mindaugian Times. A History of Ancient Prussia (1903), Mindaugas the King of Lithuania (1909), The Jagiellonian Idea and Kresy Policy (1925).


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