Bogumił Jasinowski 1883-1969

Born in Warsaw on the 16th of March 1883. He studied law at the University of Warsaw and in Kharkov and continued his education also at the universities of Berlin and Munich. In 1910-1913 he worked in the legal profession. He received his Ph. D. at the University of Zurich in 1916, on the basis of a thesis on Leibniz’s early metaphysical works. In 1818-1919 Jasinowski was a lecturer in philosophy at the newly established Catholic University of Lublin, and in 1920-1926 he worked at the Free Polish University in Warsaw - a private institution without academic status. The years 1926-1930 he spent in Paris. He qualified himself assistant professor at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Warsaw in 1930, and lectured there in the academic year 1930/1931, only to assume the post of a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy of the Stephen Báthory University in Vilnius. Having emigrated in 1940, he taught philosophy at the universities of Buenos Aires (1944-1945) and Santiago de Chile (1945-1954). He returned to Europe in 1954 and gave lectures at the Polish University in Exile in London. Jasinowski’s most important work was his treatise entitled Wschodnie chrześcijaństwo a Rosja na tle rozbioru pierwiastków cywilizacyjnych Wschodu i Zachodu (1933).


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