Konstanty Srokowski 1878-1935

He was born on 6 February 1878 in Lviv. He was an activist and one of the leaders of the Polish Democratic Party. During World War I, he was the general secretary of the Supreme National Committee. He edited several papers, including Słowo Polskie [“Polish Voice”] (1899–1902), Kraj [“Country”] (1902–1906), Nowa Reforma [“New Reform”] (1906–1928), and Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny [“Illustrated Daily Courier”] from 1928. In addition to contributing to the aforementioned periodicals, he published, inter alia, Upadek imperializmu Austrii [“Fall of Austrian imperialism”] (1913), Na przełomie [“Turning point”] (1916), Zarys historii Naczelnego Komitetu Narodowego [“Outline of the history of the Supreme National Committee”] (1923). He died on 19 June 1935 in Truskavets near Drohobych.


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